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Thread: Retouching multiple frames simultaneously

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    Default Retouching multiple frames simultaneously

    I had a few dust specks on the sensor of my DSLR - and would like to remove them via the photoshop timeline. Since all of the specks are in the same place on each frame (I was locked down on a tripod with an 800mm lens) I am hoping there is a way to edit them all out with one step - like adding a layer to all frames. I know that the clip can be converted to a smart object and that things like filters and crops etc can be applied across the entire clip - but how do I edit out the dust spots across the entire clip without having to go in and click the healing brush three times on each frame?

    It's about a 30 second clip - so 24 frames X 30 sec x 3 clicks = Suicide!

    I now pack a can of air with me...

    Any suggestions on how this can be done?}


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    OK - I have figured this out - here are the steps for anyone who needs to do this:

    1. Open your clip in the photoshop timeline.

    2. Pick any frame that has the specks that need retouching.

    3. In this case - I created a small circle of the sky - copied and pasted it three times covering the specks I was looking to fix.

    4. This creates three new layers. Combine them into one layer.

    5. Turn the clip into a smart object. Make sure the layer you just created is on top in the layers palette.

    6. In the timeline - expand the layer to cover the whole clip.

    Voila! All specks gone - render video!

    Here's the final clip:
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