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Thread: My first 360 music video "Ni un dia sin ti"

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    Red face My first 360 music video "Ni un dia sin ti"

    helloo everybody!!!

    I finished 2 weeks ago my first 360 music video, im a Singer and producer so i decided to make a new video,
    i wanted to try the VR in my new single.
    i tried this new way to make videos, i made 4 videos to stitch them in one

    *the first one in the center is about love stories and myself singing my song
    *the second one is an animation that i did about a couple, im not that good in animation, in fact is the first time i do it XD
    *the third one is the lyric video
    *the other video was for the ceiling and floor

    i hope you like it and you can give me your opinion n.n

    here is the link

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    The idea is interesting but I always have the feeling that I am missing something in the view angles I can't inspect.

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