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Thread: Need information on converting analog tapes

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    Default Need information on converting analog tapes

    I have a Sony analog camcorder and VCR. I have been recording tapes in analog format for quite a few years and would like to begin converting them to DVD's. The last few weeks I have been looking at different hardware and software to do this and most favorable reviews I have read are on Canopus. I am looking at the ADVC 100 analog to digital conversion box. What I am trying to figure out since this is a conversion box, can I run my analog tapes thru this box with a separate firewire card connected to the box? If so, should I use IEEE 1394b (800mbs) vs IEEE 1394a (400mbs)? What advantages would using firewire offer over the regular analog connection? Any help on this is apprciated.


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    I would be very careful with external analogue - digital boxes.
    I have 2 seperate units and both refuse to work properly with a standard vcr for no apparent reason :(

    Having said that, I would strongly suggest contacting the manufacturer for FULL specifications and not just the scaled down advertising blurb that never ever tells the truth.

    Personally I would use the faster IEEE but again check with the manufacturer.

    Just my opinion

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    I don't know how much these boxes cost but you could kill two birds with one stone if you splash out on a Digital camera with analogue in/out and DV in/out. e.g. the Sony 355 (I believe). Connect old camera to new camera and new camera to PC (Firewire) and Bob is, as they say, your uncle.

    I have seen the 355 for 400 on the web.

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