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Thread: How I got super powers! Face reveal!

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    So I usually do gaming on my channel but decided to make a mini skit for a face reveal. I know the effects are not that great as it was my first time using after effects. I'm hoping to make more skits in the future as I really enjoyed making this one. I would love to know what you guys think and how I could improve to make future projects better.

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    Thanks a lot bro appreciate it. Yh ill deffo looking to better lighting for the next one.

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    Loved it. Sure technically it has flaws, but it has content and content is king.
    I can imagine plenty of people won't find your humour funny, but it appeals to me.
    Thanks for posting

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    Thank you, appreciate the feed back!
    Yh I mean people will have there opinions on whether they think its funny or not but that's just life lol.

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