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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to purchase a 3 Axis Gimbal in a few weeks for my sony dslr. So Far I have been looking at the

    DJI Ronin:

    Wieldy Pro Swift:

    Sky Video Pro:

    I've been shooting stills for a couple of years, but still fairly new to shooting I was aiming not to spend too much and stick to a budget ideally. But having said that, I know spending a little bit extra sometimes pays off in the long run.

    Please could you give me your opinions on these gimbals, and feel free to suggest any other alternatives?


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    Sky Video Pro looks like a good option and the DJI should be good since DJI has a name to keep up. I personally only buy small gadgets on Aliexpress, I think it's a nice website but in case anything goes amiss I don't want to have to send stuff back all across the world. Keep in mind that you'll might have to pay clearance costs for expensive foreign shipments.
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