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    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here. I have some 24/7 video footage of a construction site that I would like to use to create a time lapse video showing the progress from start to finish. I have approximately 35 days worth of footage, each day as a separate video. Each days video is approximately 7GB in size.

    What I would like to do is create a single 10 minute video using the 35 days footage. How do I go about this? Is it possible to do this using free software or do I need to buy some specialist software? The files are all .avi

    Thanks in advance.

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    About a decade ago I reduced a six hour shot (VHS) to a minute or in Sony Vegas by setting the play speed in the properties to x4, exporting that and repeating the process until I got the result. It seems likely you can do the same in some free software. Yours is a big shift in play speed so, yeah, specialized software might be a better choice.

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    35 days of 24hr footage. wow that's 800+ of video time.

    personally, i would try and edit them individually before importing them together for the final edit.

    but I'm still new to editting, so I do everything in small bites

    oh, and the answer to your actual question. yes, you can use free editting software to do that.

    time lapse videos are created simply by speeding up the footage, using your editting software.

    by the way, I love watching speed build videos. maybe you can show us the project when it has been completed

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