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Thread: SONY VEGAS 9 . Rendering settings? HELP!!

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    Default SONY VEGAS 9 . Rendering settings? HELP!!

    Hi guys. I have been using Sony Vegas 9 for a good few years but only with SD footage as opposed to HD.
    Bellow is the settings I use when rendering a HD video shot on my Sony Z1e camera which produces a great quality final film in a AVCHD file.

    Problem is this file does not seem to work on any oth computer or media player apart from mine?

    I have tried Mac and Microsoft but neither play it.

    Any suggestions as I have to show a short film tomorrow night and I cant find an alternative format that has equally good quality.

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    If you are just looking for a format that should play on most computers, convert the m2t file to an mp4 format. Having said that I don't understand why the .m2t file won't play on other computers. It's a very common format and plays on my computer just fine. Normally if a video won't play it's because the computer doesn't have the codec needed so you could try downloading the right codec onto the computer you will be using.

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