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Thread: Strange lines and shapes in background of Chromakey Test Video

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    Default Strange lines and shapes in background of Chromakey Test Video

    Hi all,

    New here and have a question about using chromakey in iMovie. I was testing out a green screen for a future product shoot. I recorded myself waving around a microphone stand, and successfully edited it in iMovie so the background is pure white. It looked great in the iMovie preview until I exported the video, and the background is now a series of strange coloured horizontal blocks and lines.

    I am a complete beginner to a lot of this so apologies in advance. May I also ask what the technical name is to those lines and shapes in the background?

    I've attached a screenshot of what it look likes in the exported video. For the 'cutaway' in iMovie I used a white .jpg file, but also experimented with .png and .gif but with the same results.

    Thanks for any help!

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