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Thread: Drone videos from Greece

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    Default Drone videos from Greece

    In my second thread I would like to share with you some videos recorded with my drone, DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

    The result you get using such equipment is really amazing if we compare it to land videos or photos.

    I have been flying a bit around Athens and Piraeus, and soon I will be presenting you footage from a well known greek island as well. Until then, i hope that you enjoy these flights.

    Of course you feedback and comments will be appreciated.

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    And another one, from marina Zeas & Mikrolimano/Pasalimani. Two of the most popular areas in Piraeus for food, drink, coffee, or just a relaxing walk by the sea

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    You may want to re-read the forum rules. Especially the bit that tells about positn only one video per discussion

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    Aerial footage looks nice quite fast, but I would learn a bit more about composing/framing shots. It looks a bit random all in all.

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    Looks cool! Loving the music too.

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    Love your compositions. The music fits perfectly as well and really gives the video some real class.

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