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    Shawshank Shake.

    I wanted to play around with sound bits using iMovie today. Started with a scene from Shawshank Redemption and cut all the audio, inserted a non fitting song and then started to insert all sounds that are missing (keys, opening/closing doors, voices, flipping switches, glass shattering, etc). I also tried my best to adjust the music depending on which location is being shown. The video worked fine on my lapto
    Enjoy (hopefully):

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    I liked the idea but I didn't like the song choice.

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    Thanks! I will use a different genre for my next fun project then.
    Wanted to use the least fitting song for the situation and create a contrast to the original classic Mozart track, and I think the song is catchy and funny.

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    I'm a big fan of the Youtube hitler parodys of which this is in a similar vein. I like this although I do think it's a bit long. Not sure this particular track worked though it got me thinking of tracks that would. Toilet fx were well "executed"
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