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Thread: How do I remove background noises?

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    Default How do I remove background noises?

    Here is my audio file. I only want the bells in this file. How do I remove the guitar from this file?
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    Re-record it with just the bells.

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    yah, I agree with you, try to just re-record.

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    I was probably a bit blunt. My point is that it's more difficult to extract the bells out of that mix than it is to simply record them on their own. It's almost certainly a MIDI production so it may be a simple matter of loading the MIDI data in a sequencer, muting the stringed instrument (which sounds like a tenor ukulele to me) and exporting an audio file with just the bells.

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    You could drop that into a DAW and use it as a template on which to build a proper version.

    I hope Nicholas Pesci is okay with this.

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