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    Hey, guys! Here're some good news for those who're interested in new high quality post-apocalyptic movies. One talanted young film director - ukrainian by nation who now lives in Russia - has lots of creative ideas for his own film, but doesn't have enough money to make them reality. He and his international film crew (Russia - Ukraine - Belarus) are now raising money for their unusual and craetive post-apocalyotic film. Following this link, you can suppurt our project on the sum you like
    Instructions for this site and the way of payment are below in pictures.
    Some words about the plot of the film and its currentness. The seaside town is steeped in anxiety because of the imminent disaster. In such circumstances the main characters meet each other: Lisa – daffy girl who is plagued by seizures and delusions, and Ignat – guy who gave a vow of silence. They try to get to the rescuing ship, going through the frantic town full of dangers. The situation in the film is made of current interest – the characters are in conditions close to war. They try to survive and find their place in changeable time full of confusion and dangers when it’s actually unclear how to live and what for. In this film we represent the times when your own salvation becomes the only purpose.

    This film doesn’t tell about concrete place and time, but the plot of the film reflects the current situation in the world. May be some of you can find the answer on your tormenting question.

    The film “Twain from the Anthill” doesn’t belong to a single stylistic direction. It won’t be post apocalypse in the conventional understanding of this genre . At the same time it won’t be a drama itself. Here will be a mix of genres, thanks to what everyone can find in this film something interesting.Here's a link on the director's first addressing
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