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Thread: New Zealand part 1 - North Island in 4K (GH4 + gimbal)

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    Default New Zealand part 1 - North Island in 4K (GH4 + gimbal)

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to show a series of video's that I shot during 2 months backpacking through New Zealand with my GH4 and gimbal.

    Let me know what you think and if you have tips so I can improve myself!


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    Well I reckon the NZ tourist board should hire you. I thought it was a great video of the sights of the country.

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    That's a really nice comment, thank you! Hopefully I can do some in Italy and France this year.

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    Especially as you were backpacking I miss a bit of a message/ story probably told by a voiceover but also by the shots.
    I prefer using a lower shutter speed for scenes like at 1:00 to smooth out the waves and the horizon was out of level.
    You can still see up and down movement from steps at 2:05
    Beautiful and well executed landscape shots nothing more but also nothing less

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    Thanks Ray for the feedback, appreciated!.

    I totally agree about the timelapse with the off horizon and the shutter speed. When it finished I regret with having the time interval too high and the shutter speed to high as well, but I still liked it enough to use it in the video

    By a story (shot wise), do you mean by involving the backpacking culture in the video? Because, I did not intend to make it a backpacker video, just awesome scenery without people. Mainly because New Zealand was able to give me the feeling of being somewhere without people around.
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