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    I've been looking for a video editor, but throughout all my research it's been difficult to find one that best meets my needs. I want something that has a few key capabilities, like sky replacement, (so color correction), chroma key, and picture in picture. Sky replacement is important to me because I want to superimpose objects onto the horizon, treeline, etc. I'd also like to make sure that whatever I get has a license that allows me to potentially sell what I create. As for my price range, AfterEffects and Premiere Pro are both way too big an investment for me at this stage. Ideally I'd like to spend $100 - $ 200 or less, although I realize that might not be possible. So my question is, does anyone here use a program that meets those criteria? I appreciate all responses, thanks!

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    Take a look at HitFilm Express. It's free and will meet your requirements.
    If you need more and you don't want to cough up for the full Pro version, they sell add-on packs which include sub-sets of the Full Monty.

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    I wonder how I missed that one, it looks very high grade. I'll check it out, thanks Tim! Right now i'm exploring cyberlink powerdirector and colordirector, but it doesn't seem like it's capable of creating a 'dynamic' mask like i've seen done in after effects tutorials.

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