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Thread: Normalizing WAV files

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    Default Normalizing WAV files

    Ok, here we go....most of us know how easy it can be to normalize, even batch normalize WAV files, I have around 10,000 files in folders by artist or type of music.
    What I would like to do is set the normalize program going with my files and let it run over night (guessing 10,000 plus files will take a longgggg time)
    I know I could dump all files into one folder but I want to keep the directory structure, as i have it now. can this be done, or am i dreaming and have to do each folder one at a time?

    thanks for any help

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    I imagine there's software out there that can do it, but what's the goal? Peak normalization isn't going to make all the songs have the same apparent volume.

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    yep, out there some place, where and what is the prob' I know AVS will batch normalize / level but only from one folder,
    peak normalization may not be the best option as you say, how about going down the RMS path?

    the one thing that beats the hell outta me is how it can normalize in any fashion before it has 'listened' to the last track
    once the computer has heard the last track, it should be a relatively easy task for the computer to compute the median average
    and set all volumes to that level

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    I think media players are being made that do RMS type normalization on the fly. Why not leave your files alone and get a player that can even levels out non-destructively?

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    thanks Bouldersoundguy, looks like that will be doing.

    Until I upgraded to win to pro I Used MusicMatch, but that plays a trace or 2, then crashes, I know Media Monkey will work with win 10, but have seen a few posts that that is not very good
    All I want is something like MusicMatch where it is easy to add tags, and it is just a basic listing of tracks sorted by artist, title, even Wav or mp3,
    dont like the ones full of superfluous bits and bobs, seen one once at a small radio station, very similar to Musicmatch, but cant remember what it was called

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