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    I've been out a couple times this week with a new camera and only my 50mm lens. I've upgraded from a 7d to 5dmk3. But I've been shooting on a c100mk2 all month so been getting back to grips with my DSLR. My zoom lenses either don't fit or are in for repair after a trip to the desert (this was expected!) hence the lens limitation.
    This camera is travelling with me to Costa Rica next week so need to get good on it quick!
    If anyone has any advice on humidity with cameras please do send it my way!

    Anyway - back to DSLR video - Parc Cefyn Onn

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    Not really sure what feedback you're after here, but to mu mind the shots where the focus was on something in the foreground worked much better. Presumably in anything other than a test shot you wouldn't have put the two opening shots of the park entrance together - not only are you repeating the information but they are very different in colour (the first has nearly blown out white sky and the working appears white, in the second there is quite a bit more detail and some blue in the sky and the wording is a lovely warm gold). I didn't like the third shot, which, whilst smooth (in post?) gave the impression the camera was a bit out of control.But plenty of teh shots were a pleasure to watch. Drat that Jack Russell for moving to the left of the frame. I loved the pull focus between two close focal points at 0:58

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    Did you really need to capture the power line at 0:05? Some footage was a bit muddy like e.g. at 2:22 and didn't go too well with the nicer shots that showed more green.


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