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    This year I've been taking mostly still and been doing a ton of editing from other peoples footage. As it was spring like today I thought I go onto the film lot and film a spoon. I thought it best to break myself in gently.

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    Whit who !!!! Look at those curves
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Well filmed - for some reason it made me think of an expression I've heard you guys use over there ... "Have you gone mental?"

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    Didn't really get the story or the journey (although the music itself was nicely structured).
    You've moved on from your previous subject, the Moon, to a spoon ... is there a pattern emerging? What next, a balloon? A dubloon? High Noon?
    And as Yorkshireman with Sheffield down the road, how come you're showing a spoon made of stainless steel, manufactured in China by or on behalf of a Swedish company. Where's your sense of regional and national pride?
    I thought the wood looked interesting.
    Nice to see you appearing several times in the film

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    I thought the wood looked interesting.
    There's no answer to that.

    I was going to put some words to it. Something like "The spoon, perfect in form and function, how noble in it's simplicity, it's perfect proportions so skilfully crafted" but then when I chose the music I thought it wouldn't have worked.

    Just let it take you on a journey to your inner mind, remember "Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth...there is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself"

    By the way I do not hold the trite notions of nations, we are all children of the world. Plus I can't afford proper Sheffield made spoons. :P


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