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Thread: Blasted google chrome

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    Default Blasted google chrome

    WHY does this forum work great in firefox but hangs in chrome :(

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    I am using chrome and it is fine - what doesn't seem to be working?

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    It hangs, see image, just keeps stating "loading", Firefox is instant

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    No problem with Chrome here - I use it regularly to view the forum at work.

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    I'd be inclined to check your Chrome settings look out for out of date Java or some other plug in that might be getting in the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR1 View Post
    WHY does this forum work great in firefox but hangs in chrome :(
    when trying to access the forum on my phone under its own internet connection, I get repeated request to log in even though I've been accepted and had the thanks for logging in screen ...this can go on endlessly until I eventually give up :-/

    No such issues connecting through chrome when the phone is connected through wifi.

    Been the same for ages and only this forum !
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