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Thread: A video album, need feedback on editing

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    Red face A video album, need feedback on editing

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    I have absolutely no idea what that was meant to be about, but I rather liked it. The pace felt right. The length of the shots was varied (thus avoiding any sort of hypnotic effect). Interesting though (to me) meaningless, collection of shots - I presume you did a lot of the colour/grading in post rather than selected shots already treated. I liked what you'd done. But if you asked me why, I couldn't tell you!

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    Some good shots cut and paced well BUT I'm not a fan of the extreme colour grading unless it's for a real purpose. Except of the pinky water at around 3:20 mins. I think you over used the pink bridge shot. Good choice of music for a piece like this.

    The real down side of the piece is, what is it ? Even a montage should have some sort of narrative.

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    Is there a reason behind it or for it ?

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    ... i usually like this kind of thing (when accompanied by the right sound track) but this just left me
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    The cuts weren't on the beat for me and pace generally was too slow for my taste

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