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Thread: I really need help, when it comes to one topic...

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    Default I really need help, when it comes to one topic...

    His video style is simple, just a background with pictures and text and sometimes a little video scene with texts, but his special transitions make it special. And I can't find those transitions. I'm also having trouble choosing good backgrounds. I'm using Sony Vegas and Power Point. I actually don't want to copy his style, I want a similar style, but I just can't come up with anything. I can do a bit editing, but I'm still a novice. Can someone lend me an idea for a good looking style similar to this? You don't know how much easier this would make my life

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    Nice ripple effect. That may be an After Effects template.

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    It's achievable using Motion. Pretty straightforward.
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    If it's the rolling square PIP expanding into the full screen this is achievable in Vegas, though probably a bit fiddly. But yyou want other ideas. Sorry, can't help. I'm better at putting oter people's ideas into practice.

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