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    Default Petr & Danek | Nizke Tatry - Hiking

    two of my friends want to Nízké Tatry, Slovakia hiking. They had only one camera but I think the shots are pretty good.
    Edit: myself

    Feedback, comments,.. are welcome


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    The intro is a bit long. I would have preferred a voiceover there.
    Generally the video has some exposure issues especially from filming against the sun.
    Some close-up shots e.g. of getting on the snow shoes would have been nice.
    Try to avoid back and forth panning like at 2:10 (also cut earlier there).
    Camera work is in general a bit shaky and stabilization introduces quite some wobble.
    It would have been nice to hear some original sound with the music.

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    XXLRay has covered all the key points. Don't be disheartened, we all start somewhere.

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