1. I had to convert the vob to avi using VirtualDubMod (freeware) so I could edit it in Studio V9.4.3.
2. The vob was 1Gb (video&sound) from a commercial DVD which ended up as an avi of 15GB and took 1.25 hrs. Would you expect such a large avi file?
3. This was then opened in Studio but needed a Activation key 6 to open the 2 channel Dolby before the audio would play.
4. All the Frames (18 frames to a page) were black in Studio, no video detail could be seen. If the frames were dragged down to the time line they were black as well.
5. When the video was played it appeared in the Preview Screen (top right). The video and the sound were there, but a little jerky. With the sound being very noticeably jerky I could see the video was jerky as well.
6. I then decided to try and play the avi file with Windows Media Player V9 (WMP) and video & sound were perfect.
7. Why does the avi file play jerky video & sound in Studio but is good with WMP - is it a function of Studio to play the movie in "procedural steps"???
Any help gratefully accepted. thanks David