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Thread: Guadeloupe in 4K ! (With some timelapses and aerial shots)

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    Default Guadeloupe in 4K ! (With some timelapses and aerial shots)

    Hi everyone !
    After 2 weeks of hard working I just released my video about Guadeloupe, a french carribean Island ! I mainly used a a samsung NX1 and a Glidecam Devin Graham Signature (for the other things i used open the description of the video or just ask me )!

    I really hope you'll enjoy ! In this case don't forget to share it on social medias, it would be really cool and if you didn't, tell me why, I would like to get better in videomaking !

    Enjoy the video !


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    Beautiful music. Few of the aerial shots had a bit jello or something from the post stabilizing? Overall I liked it. If this would be travel agencys commercial video for the destination I would give the money and go. Filming places looked really really nice for my eye and one reason for that is because I live here where the nice winter weather looks just like this.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Give it a little bit of a story and can I see the movement from your steps at 0:30?

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    Thank you very much I used post stabilizing for only 2 shots. Yes you can see my steps at 0:30 :p

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