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    Hey guys! When I was growing up, I used to pretend my dad's tripod was a gun and have shootouts with imaginary bad guys. A few weeks ago, while looking through my equipment, I realized I had a bunch of tripods in various sizes. So a few days later I decided to make a short action film in which all the characters used tripods as guns. This short took 2 half days to film and about a week and a half of post production. Hope you guys enjoy! And as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Great job. The FX are well done and the acting is convincing. But just as importantly (more importantly?) you give us a bit of a plot.
    If this were just guns then it would be OK as an FX/action shooting exercise, but the fact they are tripods and the little jokes (the plaster at the end!!!) within raises this to a whole new level. As does the choice of shots.
    If I were to be critical ... whilst the gunshots look good, the missile/grenades (eg the explosions) look a bit more stuck on.
    In terms of pace it was pretty good but I felt the scenes inside the building - especially the stairwell wend on a little long.
    It could have done with a few more blood splatters on the wall (eg 21:15 and following shots)

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the feedback Tim! I'll definitely take your notes in consideration on my next project.

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    Loved the idea - and the movie

    Nice post-apocalyptic city-scape! I've seen this in a few videos lately and it really works

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    I thought the acting was a bit slow ... or least wise their reaction time !? other than that nice work.
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    The crosshair at 0:40 could have profited from a bit more love.
    Pacing at 1:00 was a bit slow for my taste.
    Voice volume at 1:35 is a bit low.
    Holes at 1:55 could look more realistic.
    The fight scene worked surprisingly well although I generally prefer little cuts there.
    Overall it's a bit too much run and gun only.
    I am being picky here. Most of it works out because the video is clearly meant comedic.

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