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Thread: Panasonic Viera what video format to play from SD card ?

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    Default Panasonic Viera what video format to play from SD card ?

    A friends Panasonic Viera TX-P42GT30B has just an SD socket, vids downloaded from internet youtube and also test mts files for avchd fail, I have tried MP4 MPEG AVCHD and it just doesnt recognise them. AVI is not feasible as one vid became 23Gb on uncompressed serting, and on other settings it was crappy looking, the card is 16Gb, I have 30 vids, as mp4 they all fitted the card.
    It appears Panny TVs are hyper fussy, looking for some kind of unique code made by their own products, but even that now fails, as I downloaded two .mts files created on panny cameras.

    ...but just what video format will they play, they must play something ! Stick SD card in and two options photos and videos pop up, select video and get 'no valid file to play'.
    They play on the pc, and two of the avchd files were created with Panasonic video cameras, they should have played but failed, dl from dpreview, this is pissing me off now.

    Dont ever buy Panasonic TV if needing it to play Video from card etc it seems to be.


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    If you look at page 107 in the manual it lists all the formats. Sounds like you have "an issue" as it will play a lot of the usual formats. Have you tried the USB socket ? Will files play from that ?

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