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Thread: A good solution if sound doesn't macth

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    Default A good solution if sound doesn't macth

    Hello everyone,

    I am a newbie to video editor and i need a piace of advice. The question is the sound track...
    The sound track very often does't match with the video track.

    In my last work,I duplicate the sound track and as the sound was pretty similar in every instance, the result was good.

    This is what i did.

    My question now is, what 's the best solution for you when the sound track is larger then the video track if you want to have a music sound in all the scene?
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    I don't know if I've fully understood what you mean. I you are talking about a music track being longer than the video track you have to cut it to the same length. This could sound odd at the end so you might want to fade it out over a few seconds.

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    I always edit the audio to approximately the right length (and always shorter) such that it still makes musical sense (ie usually on a 2 or 4 bar berak) and then I edit the video to fit better.

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    tks a lot Tim and Midnight thanks for answering me.

    Midnight Blu i can't fade it out, because i was talking in the case the sound is shorther then the video.

    TiM, tks a lot for you advice.


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