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    Is there a recommended way to render without it taking 5+ hours? I have a 3.2 processor, 2 gig ram, matrox rt card machine that takes forever when I set my custom settings to the following:

    NTSC, MPEG-2, Video Rendering Quality (Best), Video Quality (High, 31).

    A wedding video of 2.5 hours takes approx 6 hours to render under these settings. It also comes out to be over 5.8 gig and I am trying to get it all on one DVD if possible. Is there a recommended setting that will allow me to shorten my render times, cut the size of my final product and of course not lose any video quality in the process.


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    Vegas can be funny with rendering on certain system specs - ensure you have a fast disk setup (like a stripped raid) - this will cut alot of time. - rendering to mpeg2's always takes a lil longer cause its a complete format change - other possibilities are standards changes - ie if source footage is pal and you converting to NTSC. Also if you have shedloads of effects applied to your video cliops this too will add to the render time.

    If you are familiar with all this then i can only mention again the disk setup - get it fast!!!

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