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    I am looking to buy a waterproof camcorder for recording rowers from within the boat and also from either a beach or from another boat so will require a camcorder with a built in stabiliser. I have been looking at the JVC Everio GX-RX510 but can't find many reviews on how it fairs. I am a complete beginner so any advice on this product or any other which will give good video quality with ease of transfer to a tablet or laptop would be really welcome. Budget around 300-400 (or a little more for the right product).

    I've looked at GoPro and similar but really want a zoom facility for closer shots so these won't provide all these features.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could buy a standard camera and a waterproof dive housing, for example

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    There's a water proof mirrorless Nikon 1 series.

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    There is NO such thing as a waterproof camera, only the housing. Look to about 1500 for a decent housing or get a go pro

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    @JR1 the Nikon 1 AW1 and its lenses are rated for use under water up to 49 feet.

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