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Thread: How to deal with Sand

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    I am off to the Sahara next month and I'm taking my camera. Anyone got any tips for filming in extreme sandy and hot conditions?

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    Oh Dear ! not much help here im afraid.
    i hate to admit it but i am totally anal with regards the upkeep of my equipment.... slightest hint of rain, snow, or windy dusty environments and its back in the bag
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    Have enough brushes with you to wipe off dust. A blower to clean the sensor would also become handy.

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    Plenty of batteries - they don't last in the heat.

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    Thanks guys. I'm there for 6days. Anticipating about 2-3 hours filming a day, batteries are supposed to last 420min so hoping 7 batts will be enough.
    My c100mk2 has a fan in it, im not sure wether its better to switch it off to stop stand getting in or keep it on to keep the camera cool :/

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    Having kids, I do a fair amount of filming on the beach. From experience, unless you've got weather sealed gear, expect sand to get into everything. I destroyed a cheap M43 lens by getting sand in the zoom mechanism - and I was pretty careful! I wouldn't take anything to a desert unless a) it was weather sealed or b) I expected it to be damaged beyond repair.

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