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Thread: Spy Pen - I need advise.

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    Question Spy Pen - I need advise.

    So... I love covert recording devices, they have been my savior on more than one occasion. Anyway, I've looking to get a new device - I have a wristwatch - but I've thinking about getting a spy pen as I think they capture images better...I came across this website name Ankaka (I don't think I can post a link here) they have a wide range of devices but I'm particularly interested in this one "Full HD H.264 1080P Pen Recorder Mini Spy pen camera With HDMI Meeting Recording Pen camcorder MOV". Anybody here familiar/have used/knows of this device? Is it safe to buy? What about Ankaka itself, how is their rep? Any advise would be highly appreciated. Cheers.

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    I tried one in a small remote-controlled helicopter as a bit of fun.

    Useless, don't waste your money.

    If you really want one, then they are a lot cheaper on ebay!

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    Somebody got me one for Christmas, I haven't bothered with it.

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