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Thread: Split screen Effect on Vegas 4.0

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    Default Split screen Effect on Vegas 4.0

    is it possible to do a split screen effect on vegas 4.0 so that you could have maybe 2 or 4 videos playing on the screen all at the same time?

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    I have created a quick flash movie which shows how to create split screens in Vegas 4.

    Obviously you can do 4 screens etc following the same actions.

    Take note of the button options on the left of the "Track Motion" effects, these will allow you to select the areas you want.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks very much.

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    Default Split Screen in Vegas

    Thanks for the Flash file, great learning. I have a question though, how would you crossfade back to a normal view video clip on the same timeline if the track motion tool effects the whole track? If I were to add a clip to another timeline, how would I transtion to it? (A-B roll effect).

    Is there a way to limit the track motion tool to only effect a clip on a timeline or will it effect the entire line?


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    A simple way would be to apply the "Opacity" effect. Do this to the tracks which are using the "Track Motion", making sure that both have the same opacity level when draging the corners.

    Then add another track and again use the "opacity" effect, and play with the levels and position of the new track untill you are happy.

    Yes you can limit a track motion on a track. You do this by using the timeline at the bottom of the track motion tool.

    Double click where you would like the effect to take place, you can use the time bar or the preview window to place effects.

    Play with this tool and you will have some great effects.

    I've added another short flash movie to show you how this works.

    I think the suggestion earlier would work better for what you want.


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