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Thread: Moiré pattern effect disturbance in DVD/AVCHD videoproduction

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    Unhappy Moiré pattern effect disturbance in DVD/AVCHD videoproduction

    Have a Panasonic HDC-HS700 video camera filming at 1080/50p, 28Mbps. Video transfered to a Windows 10 PC and played back via HDWriter,Windows Media Player, VLC, and in the PowerDirector 14 work space, all give perfect picture reproduction, but only on computer screen.
    Replay from camera to full-HD TV direct, Moiré pattern effect distorts the picture a good deal.
    Videos rendered and burnt to MPEG2 in both HDWriter and PowerDirector 14, regardless of setting, have enormous Moiré pattern disturbances. Worst of all.
    Videos rendered and burnt to AVCHD in both HDWrite and PowerDirector 14 have somewhat less Moiré pattern disturbance but Moiré still contaminates the picture.
    CyberLink support analyzed the issue and claim "after checking, the symptom is called Moiré pattern and it is not able to be eliminated. It usually happens when trying to encode the video from a higher bitrate and resolution to smaller bitrates and lower resolution. Meanwhile when producing the project in full-HD video the Moiré pattern will disappear."
    However, production in AVCHD did not help the issue, the Moiré pattern disturbance did not disappear completely! What can be done in order that I can produce Moiré-free discs, both MPEG2 and AVCHD? Is there a better suited program? All suggestions welcome!
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