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    I wasn wandering if anyone has ever tried the network rendering option in Sony Vegas, and how well it worked. I was reading and it said that 100baset (100mbs) connection would work, but they recomended 1000baset (gigabyte network). If anyone had tried this, is gigabyte that much faster, or is 100mbs still pretty good? I was looking into trying this out and was curious if this has worked for other people, it sounds like a great feature, reduce the workload on you computer, and decrease rendering times!
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    Network Rendering - Ok so it varies from project to project but it will happen in vegas - i've done it once but seeing as I only used 2 machines and the 2nd one was a heap of shite well it wasn't dramatic. - I am setting up a render farm with 6 machines soley for network rendering in Vegas and after FX.

    Firstly if its a small simple render dont bother - If you used network rendering on a simple project and used 6 machines it would prob take longer than if you used 2. Yuo kind of get a feel for it as you try diffrent combos but as i said before each project is diffrent.

    Certainly use it when you are doing major compositing - it will should work a treat. The most complex thing is network settings, firewalls and collection of elements.

    There are details on how to do it in Vegas help. I followed it and was simple eneough.

    If you are using a multi machine setup adn dont wanna use a KVM switch or run around to each machine download WinVNC - install it on all the machines then you can logon to each machine from your main box.

    as for the 1gbit/100mb lans - it will work fine on even a 10mb lan but as always with video the faster the better.

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