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Thread: Can I get 4:3 footage back to 16:9 original ???

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    Default Can I get 4:3 footage back to 16:9 original ???

    Sony Vegas 9
    The file bellow was originally sot in 16:9 but has been squashed down to to 4:3.
    I know I can crop it but all the people in it will be squashed up. Is there any way I can get it back to 16;9 or close to it?

    Thanks guys
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    Try this: right click on the clip in the timeline, click Switches, uncheck Maintain Aspect Ratio.

    If that doesn't work then go into the cropping options (at the right end of the clip, above the plugin symbol). Something in there will get it done.

    With the usual caveat that I'm using version 6.0 so things may be different.
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    If I'm looking at that correctly, the image is squashed left to right. If so just use pan and crop. Turn OFF maintain aspect and stretch it.

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