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Thread: Definitely a blip from the past

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    Default Definitely a blip from the past

    After a tentative nod of approval to my idea of featuring past user vidz, of which there have been many, the enclosed is a past intro clip about this site. Itís a very slow download, about 8 or 9kb/sec, but then itís only a 3.6mb file. The filename is vef-ad-512k.wmv. (Apologies again to any who feel Iíve misused their clips.)

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    Cheers, Mark, muinto obligado. Could I have done this myself unaided?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tone33
    Cheers, Mark, muinto obligado. Could I have done this myself unaided?
    Probably not to be honest. Do you want some webspace though?


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    Well, originally, you did allow me the 20mb - but then you announced a little change,just after you broke something.

    The 'K' instead of the 'C' is purely a typo - honest. I'm sitting here in almost total darkness, that's why it happened.

    tbh, I haven't any inspired ideas for a vid connected with red, so I won't be needing the webspace - if and when I do, I'll ask.


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