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Thread: Transitions & blending between two videos

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    Default Transitions & blending between two videos

    I have two videos and I would like to show them in one video with changing transparencies. Let's say Video #1 starts, and at 5th second Video #2 shows up with 25% transparency then this would increase to 75% transparency at 10th second it will decrease to 25% again, all with smooth transitions. How can I manage this in Sony Vegas Pro 13?

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    Put video 2 on a track above video 1, insert composite envelope (right-click on track control panel, insert/remove envelope, composite level) on track 2, pull it down to 75%, add points to track at appropriate times, pull start and end down to 25%.

    And as usual I'm looking at v6 so some things may be different.

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    This is similar in VPro 13.

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