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Thread: Help with cutting viewable area in a video

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    Default Help with cutting viewable area in a video

    Hi im looking at cutting the area that you view on a video, not just removing parts of the video like allot of software does, i made a how to video and want to remove excess scene from view. what software can do this as im struggleing to find something. thankyou

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    Hi Stevie,
    I'm not sure I understand whether you are trying to remove parts in time of what you've recorded (ie you have a 20 second clip and you want to use only 10 seconds - a process called "trimming") or you want to zoom in on part of the image (a process often referred to as "cropping"). I can;t think of any software that doesn't have these basic facilities.

    Do you mean something else?

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    if i understand your question, you could use any video splitter and cut the portion that you dont want and then use again video joiner !

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