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Thread: How would I go about this?

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    Default How would I go about this?

    Hi! I'm Penguin. I am planning on starting my YouTube channel soon, where I'll be doing political commentaries. Most likely speaking while browsing an article and giving my take and posting an array of pictures pertaining to what I am speaking about. I have a Macbook Pro (this years model) and a desktop along with a Blue Yeti microphone, so I am good to go equipment wise. I know tons of people do this type of stuff, but I believe I can differentiate myself. I have a radio voice (subjective I know, but I do) and I believe that alone is a major plus - in addition to my extensive knowledge in politics/economics/finance. I'm very worldly and would script everything beforehand.

    In any event, in a nutshell this is what I'll be doing:

    Show my screen while I speak (without my cam) while I'm browsing through an article and occasionally showing a picture of something and commentating while that's being shown along with others. Kinda like a slideshow I guess. I would absolutely enjoy doing this and I see many other YT'ers do exactly this and people don't seem to care if you dont show your face if the material is exceptional (I can guarantee that it would be). The hard part about this is editing. I don't know what I will need to do (I know of screen recorders) - but how do I insert pictures while I speak? How do I make sure that the sizes are correct? Help please! I should know these things because of how simply they are, but I just cant figure it out!

    I have access to Final Cut Pro X and iMovie btw. PLEASE help thanks!!

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    I think the easiest way would be to create some test footage and follow tutorial videos e.g. on YouTube.

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    You can record your screen using programs like obs. and connect your mic to your pc. you can live stream with that or record.


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