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Thread: "Franklins Tower" Hook covers The Grateful Dead

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    Default "Franklins Tower" Hook covers The Grateful Dead

    I blew speaker or 2 in my Fishman ASA220 tower at a gig a few days ago and had to buy a cheap PA on the fly for gig on New Years. This is a video of me testing it out using my boss RC300 loop station. I was so ticked off to see that darn chair in the way, so you can't see the full array on the floor but it led me to discover the cropping tool in my Wondershare program. I used creative cropping to give this rather dull video some movement, I wish I would have discovered this sooner.
    Recorded with my Tascam DR-V1HD.

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    I swear it looks like the clouds parted during the last verse.

    That I sat through over five minutes of a one camera shoot before getting restless is a pretty good sign. I saw the real thing a number of times and yours did justice to the original.

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