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    Hello everyone,

    Hope you're well.

    I'm planning to buy myself a desktop computer with monitor - unbelievable, I know - and speakers/reference monitors. This will be for video and audio editing (I currently use Adobe Premiere Pro/Creative Cloud). My budget is 1000, but I can stretch to 1200 if I need to. What would people say are my best options in the UK?

    Thank you in advance for any and all help.

    Happy New Year,

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    My immediate reaction is save a bit more!
    Scan's basic video system ( ) will be fine for editing HD, but at 921 inc VAT that doesn't leave you much for monitor/speakers.
    The Scan system is a i5 6600 (overcloced to 4.4GHz) with 8GB RAM. I certainly wouldn't recommend anything less for video editing. You probably can edit 4K with this but it will probably be a frustrating experience.
    Video cards is a and a GTX750Ti. - it very much depends on how your NLE uses the GPU as to how crucial/what model is best (Vegas, for example, works best with current AMD cards now as only older versions of CUDA are supported).

    I'd strongly recommend 2 monitors, 22-24" or maybe a 27" monitor. Don't cut corners on these. You spend ALL your time editing looking at monitors and (unless you have a separate TV hooked in) are your main reference for colour, so you want something that has a good colour balance and contrast across the whole of the screen. you'll probably want to invest in a calibration device as well. What's more your monitor is likely to outlast several computers/rebuilds.

    One advantage of something like the Scan system is it is built from standard components (unlike, say Dell or HP systems). this means you could use it for a couple of years then replace motherboard/CPU/Ram Cooler only (and/or Video card).

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