Hi kings of the editing!

I am looking for a solution to facilitate my editing in Premiere. In life, I edit with FCP7, FCPX and Premiere Pro CC.

My case:

I read a lot of post and I can’t find my solution!

I shoot in studio, control room multicams and my clips are recorded on EVS in ProRes Quicktime with 8 mono audio tracks. Surround for tracks 1-6 and stereo tracks 7 and 8.

I know very well how to work in multichannel in Premiere with 8 mono tracks and complete my assignment in mixing for final output to the broadcaster. That is not my problem. When I go this way, that's a lot of audio tracks in my timeline and when I add additional clips, it is not long that I end up with 16 or 24 audio tracks as suddenly 8, it goes fast.

In my timeline I would like to have a 5.1 track (track 1) and one stereo track (track 2) and from there, when I put a clip in my timeline, the first 6 tracks of my original video would be on track 1 and and tracks 7 and 8 on the track 2. I am able to create a timeline with these two tracks but Premiere doesn’t understand 8 mono track as 5.1 + stereo. I can try to modify the audio channel setting of the clip but I can’t create a 5.1 track and a stereo (standard) track like in FCPX or other… Nad because of that, I can’t use the timeline as well

In FCPX, it's easy to take an original clip, tell him he is 5.1 + stereo and once in the timeline, give him a precise role. A role for the 5.1 surround and stereo role for the stereo. After that, it is easy to assemble and edit the way I want without managing a million oftracks ...

In short, is it possible?
Is it that someone understands my question ...

Thank you very much!!!

Daniel Laurin