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    Final project for my lighting class. Known problems: Opening shots of hero are not in focus, terrible mistake, but what can I do.. Anyways, thanks for any insight on improving lighting, cinematography and editing...

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    I think it was fine for what it is.

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    Loved it - great job
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    The poker scene looked good. I liked the high contrast lighting. you could have made it more sinister and created a tenser feeling but i don't think that would have been right for the light feel of the piece. My only criticism is that the colour of the shot in front of the green screen was distinctly colder - as if it had been filmed with different lights and/or different white balance on the camera.

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    Well done, I found it funny and quite enjoyable to watch.
    Rock On!

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    Thank you for watching and your feedback. This was a simpler idea and I think we did a decent job pulling it off. Thanks..!


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