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Thread: boxing day bash the mega video thread

  1. Default boxing day bash the mega video thread

    hi guys here r some new videos that have recently become acquainted with i hope you will have some good tips to make them better because that would be most helpful indeed thankyou for your time and comments in advance and merry tidings to you all


    there r also other ones on my page but this is 1s that are my footage and music and editing etc and they are very hopeful that it will like them thankq
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    One video per thread please. (See the rules)

    I thought this was uninteresting in itself but OK as an accompaniment to the music which I found strangely endearing. But please tune your guitar before you record.

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    hey tim sorry didnt read the rules thanks for your considered reply glad you were endeared to the musics p sure guitar was in tune just some of the playing wasnt hur hur thanks tim

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    The horizon was out of level.

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    Funny idea. I would made the colors change more with the rhythm of the music.

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