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Thread: transfer video to DVD how?

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    Default transfer video to DVD how?

    hope i have got the correct forum for this question..
    i have a lot of video's with holiday footage on..i want to know how i can transfer them onto my pc to enable me to burn them to DVD.

    im not sure what type of cable to get to connect the VCR to the pc.

    i have a 1394 IEEE firewire port on the pc..but on the back of the VCR there is only a scart lead socket and the usual RF in and RF out sockets.

    is it possible for me to do this ?


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    Get a capture card(has RCAs on it) and dub it to your computer.

    I dunno, that's what I'd try.

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    1. analog camera
    dub the tape directly from the camcorder (to avoid generation quality loss) to the computer nle using the composite (for 8mm and vhs-c formats) or s-video lead (for hi-8 and s-vhs(c) formats)
    2. digital camera
    use the firewire connection to dub the video from your tapes (in the camera) to the computer nle
    either way, dub directly from the source. if your source is the vcr, then get a scart to a/v and s-video adapter and follow the procedure for the analog camera (read your nle's help system)
    3. (actually, 2.1.) dvd camera
    rip the mini-dvd recorded by your camera on your computer's dvd-rom, using a software such as dvd-rip then edit it as you normally would
    it might sound complicated now, but as soon as you start doing it, you'll find it's logical and easy. also read this site's faq thoroughly and you won't have to ask another question.

    p.s. "if you're looking for trouble / you came to the right place..."

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    Smile I have transferred all my old family video to DVD but...

    I have transferred all my old family video to DVD but at the end the quality was not good at all and I was so disappointed that I wasted lots of time with terrible result so I decided to give it to the great thing was that they transferred all my videos to DVD with proper DVD cases and title printed on DVDs all in one day in very good quality.

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    6 year old thread revival?!? And with not a lot of money, you CAN transfer footage from VHS to DVD. There are boxed packages for 8 now that will do it for you going all the way up to 200.
    I highly suspect you have made that acccount just to advertise your company

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    I am very curious,either, ha ha, just because the 6 years, too many things happened during this years, that is no problem about that question.

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