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Thread: $1000 Prize for Best Film/Animation

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    Default $1000 Prize for Best Film/Animation

    No catch whatsoever, im
    launching EarthCast.TV in mid September and want to both bring
    attention to the site and reward the artist who make it all possible.
    The particulars along with the registration form will be online by this
    Monday. Here's a synopisis. Im giving away $1000 and a 1yr
    EarthCasting account to the best overall short film on any topic. The
    film should be at least >10min but <60min long. The websites software
    automaticly encodes all files to MP4 but we prefer it's already in that
    format for easier upload. The films will remain the artist property
    but will be featured on the site for up to 6 months. If we have enough
    of a buzz we might award more prizes to later placers. Deadline for
    submisions is the 17th of September. I thank you for your interest and
    hope you will enter.
    Jay Ruiz

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    Wrong section. I would once again stress that any links posted by virgin posters will be deleted.

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    Default RE

    Simply didnt know which topic to post under, this eemed the most relevant.
    Jay Ruiz

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    User videos is for Videos posted by forum users. Pimp the Link is for posting links to sites.

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