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Thread: Newbie gopro hero 4 setting advice

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    Default Newbie gopro hero 4 setting advice


    So I'd like to start doing vlog style videos for youtube.

    I have a hero4 silver.

    I have it set at 1080/30/M

    It looks fine on the playback but when it import it to gopro studio it looks like turd, all chopped up, sound it out of sync etc.

    I've tried changing the settings in studio but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I've tried shooting in 720p also and no difference.

    Is it simply down to my computer? I'm using both a MacBook and a Mac Mini.

    Any advice would be very welcome.


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    I've no knowledge of GoPro studio, but in most editors, playback in the preview is much more taxing on the computer than playback in media player software (eg Quicktime). This is because it has to do a hell of a lot more work (even if you're not cropping or adding effects, each frame might have to be calculated as if you are going to. It is not a problem unless the results you render are also choppy.

    There are two ways around the problem. One is to lower the resolution whilst editing which should speed up playback. the other is to use lower resolution "proy" files whilst editing, then switch them out for the real thing just before the final render.

    I don't know what options GoPro Studio offers...

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    GoPro studio is the freeware that you download off the GoPro site to make the cool videos that start with a picture of a GoPro, have heart-thumping soundtracks, etc

    It isn't bad software at all, so my guess is that your hardware blows chunks

    As the first step when you open GoPro studio, you are asked to "convert" your files - do you have bags of disk space for these edit-friendly files? - I mean bags and bags of really fast disk space? Blindingly fast disks that you aren't also running the software from? Hmm - didn't think so

    time for a new PC with all the fixins - I'd look at Alienware - those things will run an infinite loop in under two minutes - that's what you need my man - lots of disks - you should also insist on "crossbar" technology - that makes sure your requests start executing BEFORE they are initiated

    Anyway those are the broad strokes - you can get the details from my associates on this site, but their underwear gets in a bunch if you give them any attitude so tread lightly - Zam
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