Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new with editing videos. All i have is some knowledge here and there, and I'm trying out some expensive softwares that I'm not supposed to own (meh, it's just to try out lol)

I have some raw videos (about a video game) which I got using a screen recording program (dxtory), and I will be trying to do some editing with Sony Vegas (i heard it's great).

These raw videos are of an excellent quality, format is .avi, but the size is huge (about 5GB per minute). I'm not going to do the editing right now, but I need to get some free space on my computer meanwhile. Are there any rendering settings that would reduce the quality by *not too much* ? Just so that I can store more raw videos for a while.

Most importantly, I will be doing another edit later, once I decide which sound or music to add. Which means, the video will be rendered again. Would i able to keep the quality obtained after the first editing, or will it reduce the quality again ?

Also, which formats would you suggest to render ? I've read on forums that some people suggest mp4, some suggest avi, ... i can't really decide

Thanks !