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    I decide to purchase new equipment. I need for video production. Now I have a Canon 70D. I want to buy Sony Alpha, I am interested in Sony A2S II or Sony a2r II, what you recommend. What are the benefits and differences between them, and the next one i need a set of lenses, I watched this

    What are you suggesting ? I need a set of lights too, for example

    What's your opinions, suggestions ...


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    I assume you are referring to the α7R ii and In that budget class I would get something different entirely. Sony is good but if it's 4K video you are after I'd personally sooner get either something different. One of the reasons is because Sony shoots at UHD and I prefer Cinema 4K resolution if I have the choice. I had a quick look and I would probably get something like a Panasonic HC-X1000 4K that is built for the job and can even do UHD at 59.94 fps if you ever want to make things go slow at the cost of a little bit of pixel hight. An other great option would be the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K with an EF mount so you can use your current Canon EF lenses and those lenses from that kit you mentioned.
    In regards to lighting I suspect you can probably do with a lot cheaper opportunities depending on your intentions with them. All in all your initial choices discombobulate me a bit but if you only gave me a choice between a α7R ii and a α7S ii I would go for the α7R ii.
    Hope this is somehow useful to you. Also I did not do a complete research on all the options available at that budget so there might be a better fit. These examples are merely to show that although the "stats" of the Sony are nice there is a very high chance that there is a better fit for your needs out there.
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    Okey thank you, what if i buy Sony FS5, it's better than sony alpha, and which lenses are the best buy, some kit of them or ona by one ? i need it gor some music videos for adds,...

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    How do you come up with your purchase candidates? It sounds a bit like you just picked up a model name somewhere without knowing what it actually does for you. To be able to tell you what you need we would first need to know what you want to do with it and what exactly you are missing with your current gear.

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    To me it sounds like you just want to buy a SONY camera rather than a camera that does something specific.
    Honestly if you just want to shoot some music video's then you might as well just use a smartphone or Samsung's NX500. Is there a specific reason you would absolutely need to buy a camera that will cost anywhere between 3000 to 6000?
    In regards to lenses, I doubt you will actually need more than one lens. Something that has an approximate range of 20-200mm for example will likely cover most situations. You just need the right one that fits your needs.
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    I bought sony FS5, but must to wait one week for it, now i must to buy just lenses for it, what are best to buy for your oppinion


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