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    I'm new at this...

    I recently shot my first music video. It's a TV audition tape for an orchestra I play in and was mostly done with a high end SLR (Nikon D4) a few good microphones and a small mixing desk. This was generally fine although I'm sure I'd do a much better job if I did it again. One problem is I couldn't play because I was shooting. Also, although I shot with a tripod on a dolly, there was quite a lot of poor camera movement/focus in a lot of shots.

    We would like to record all of our concerts so I was thinking about how this could be mostly automated and improved. I had a look at cameras and came across the Pan, Tilt, Zoom concept. Something like 3 Sony BRC-Z330 would probably suit our needs well but I welcome comments.

    What I would like to do is be able to pre-program a series of preset camera positions (shot of oboe, shot of second violins etc). I would like a piece of software that I could then program to switch to specific shot positions at specific times.

    For bonus marks, I would like to link the timing to bar numbers. So if we're playing a piece with 200 bars that lasts 10 minutes: I could say, switch to oboe shot at bar 9. Ideally I would be able to resync where we're up to if we're not bang on the programmed tempo. So if,we're at bar 49 and the program thinks we're at 50, I could click on bar 49 to resync.

    For double bonus marks, it would be nice if the program could come up with a pre-programmed rough cut that I could fix in post-edit. I'd have the 3 cameras videos lined up with the rough cut and could swap shots/timings etc.

    Is such a thing possible? What options do I have/would people recommend?

    Thanks in advance

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    It is possible, the BBC have something which can do that in Media City in Manchester.

    I think they paid 11 million for it.

    It would be cheaper, more reliable and better for your requirements to find a couple of guys who can operate your cameras for you. Four cameras, one locked off on a long shot of the orchestra, one locked off on a mid-shot of the conductor and the other two with a shot list. Worry about editing it later when you've got time.

    I know that's not what you want to hear, sorry, but it would be my recommendation as I don't know of anything which can do what you want "off the shelf".

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    It's a pity if that's true - although I haven't found anything commercially available yet.

    I'm not looking for something all singing and dancing. The Sony's have a board which allows you to configure 16 presets (not as many as I'd like but it would be adequate). If they had a programming interface to the board, I could probably whip up something adequate to my needs. "Go to preset x at time y". Then maybe add some way points which I could jump to if it gets out of sync. But that would imply having a library for Sony available to access the board. I'm having difficulty finding something like that too...

    I'm guessing it's a demand thing. Most people want to point, shoot, edit. So saying, I can see a lot of things you could do with a more sophisticated program. Multiple animal trips controlling where a camera points to...

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