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Thread: Setting Up DVD menue to accompany live music

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    Default Setting Up DVD menue to accompany live music

    Hi, I'm working with PD9 and want to string series of video projects on a DVD to accompany live musical acts. Since I don't

    know exactly how long each act will be, I want each accompanying video for each act to be somewhat longer than the estimated time for each act. What I would like to do is either of the following: 1) If a musical act ends before the accompanying video, be able to skip forward to the next video segment where I could hit pause until that next act is ready, or 2) Be able to return to a menue that lists all the video segments I have on the DVD so I can start the next video segment when the next act is ready. Neither of these is ideal but they are the only ways I can think of doing what I need to do and I can't figure out how to do either one. Can anyone tell me how to achieve either option #1 or #2 or, perhaps suggest another way to accomplish my goal?


    Steve Wilson

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    Both these are within the video DVD format "standard" so are fine. Both have their limitations:
    1. This is fine but depends on the order of teh acts always being the same
    2. There is always a delay when skipping back to and forwards from a menu.
    Better might be to have a selection of files (eg MP4) on a PC or media player.

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